American Idol: Finalists revealed

Δε γίνεται να μην πω δυο λόγια για αυτά τα αποτελέσματα.

Εδώ και βδομάδες είχα φτάσει να με ενδιαφέρουν ακριβώς δυόμιση διαγωνιζόμενοι (Chris, Allison, και ο Adam όταν έκανε κάτι περίεργο αντί απλώς να τσιρίζει), οπότε δηλώνω απολύτως ευχαριστημένος -και σοκαρισμένος- για τον αποκλεισμό του Gokey. THEY PUT THE 'GO' IN GOKEY!

Θέλω να δανειστώ μια παράγραφο του Michael Slezak από το που βρήκα ιδιαιτέρως spot-on:

With the judges so focused on memorizing their lines, not one of 'em bothered to look up and see how Kris Allen, with his subtly shaded vocals and his sneaky-awesome song-arranging skills, had recast himself in the role of Adam's ultimate rival. And we the people followed suit, tossing the screenplay that said we had to give up our annual chance to play record exec, to give major-label deals to someone other than Jamie Foxx or Katy Perry or other pop stars of the Auto-Tune era. In the process, we put the reality back in America's most popular reality series. And as a reward, we are now preparing for the Best Possible Season Finale Not Involving Allison Iraheta That American Idol's Eighth Season Ever Could've Hoped For.

In other words, Idol's judges and producers may not have gotten what they wanted, but the show got exactly what it needed.

Ό,τι έπρεπε για να με νοιάξει ξανά η σεζόν λίγο πριν το φινάλε της.


5 σχόλια:

  1. adikia! exei ksekatharo talento! pisteya s'ayton (pos ton lene?)

  2. i think danny was a worthy contestant. he has a great, throaty voice, a great back-up story ( these things count), plus, he's extremely likable. that being said, he shouldn't win, cause i really don't see him as an original artist, more like doing covers and stuff. a bit like taylor hicks without the annoying personality. i know adam is talented, different, and, bloody blah, but, after his ratpack performance a few weeks ago, i am officially bored (of him and the eyeliner). i have been a hardcore chris allen from the very start of this season. alison should still be on the run, but, alas, she couldn't keep the audience interested. i can't wait for the finale... i am just scared of the "song" they have picked for next idol's first single... it's always a sappy, ballady, faux-contemporary ballad... interested in what both contestans will do with it, though... i think at the end, it comes down to that particular performance, especially if the votes are that close...

  3. The Danny/Taylor comparison is spot on, I think. And I agree on your take on all final four contestants. I still feel that Alexis was the best this bunch had to offer, but sadly she was just gone way too quickly. I can't wait to see what she does next.

    As for the final, I actually think Chris has a shot (yay) because Adam is such a polarizing contestant and without a doubt Chris will be on the receiving end of many anti-Adam votes.