Post! The Musical

Ή τελοσπάντων θα ήταν αν ήμουν ο Joss Whedon. Αλλά αυτός ήταν απασχολημένος με τη συγγραφή του musical commentary για το 'Dr. Horrible' DVD του οποίου η ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας μόλις ανακοινώθηκε. Περάστε από εδώ, για να ξοδέψετε τα καλύτερα $14 για φέτος. Δηλαδή ξεχάστε την τελειότητα της actual ιστορίας, αλλά χρειάζεται να το ξαναπούμε; Commentary! The Musical!

Ο Joss τι έχει να πει για αυτό;

Well, my turkey (or, in some cases, tofurkey) stuffed friends, we literally just put the finishing touches on the disc. Is it worth fifteen hard-earned dollars? Absolutely. In fact, I can say without reservation that the Dr. Horrible DVD is worth $15.23 EASILY. More, if your dollars weren't the hard-earned kind, just the kind you have lying around in your mom's purse. God knows WE'VE worked hard to earn 'em. "Commentary! The Musical" is the most painstaking and exhausting piece of whimsey I have ever mistaken for a good idea. It has nearly twice as much music as Dr. Horrible itself -- since you can't really talk that much during a commentary musical or it sounds like a regular commentary. (Which we also have, with the stars and writers, plus making-of's, ELE applications, and a few items left lying around by a notorious Bunny...) I can say without hesitation that I hesitate to say it's great. And by great I mean ridiculous. It's sophmoric, solopsistic, silly and the most fun I've had being exhausted since the fabled Mushortio itself. And everyone sings beautifullly. Which enrages me. I a little bit hate my friends now.

The listed street date is, by the way, a little later than we'd expected -- I'm hoping Amazon is just playing it safe and we can beat that date. More on that as we learn it. Expect a twittering sensation.

Finally, I just want to say "thank you" to everybody who has supported this venture. We've been able to pay our crew and all our bills, which means a lot. What means more is proving that completely independent ventures can muscle their way through the blizzard of big-budget behemoths. (A blizzard of behemoths? Back to writing school, alliteration-junkie!) All that rhetoric about the future of entertainment that flew about during the Strike is still entirely true. We need to find our own way of producing entertainment. A lot of people are watching Dr. Horrible to see if it's any kind of model -- way more people than I expected -- and it means everything to me to help pave the way for artists to start working and making a living from the ground up. There are a couple of real pioneers in this that I know personally: Felicia Day, I'm thrilled to say, and choreographer Chris Elam are both looking far ahead in terms of monetization and interactivity. Me, I'm more like Jimmy Stewart in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", but at least I'm out there. Thanks, he finally summed up, to you.

My story has become tiresome! But wait till you hear the songs.

Did we cover "silly"...?

(από το whedonesque)

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  1. tha ine diladi musical pou tha paizei panw apo to kanoniko musical? i tha kanoun commentary akolouthwntas tin uparxousa melwdia? im confused

  2. Απ'ό,τι κατάλαβα ο Whedon έγραψε ένα ξεχωριστό musical commentary. Και φυσικά θα υπάρχει και ένα κανονικό.

  3. akougetai gia to kalitero dvd tis xronias!!!
    sto play oute kouventa!!!
    to thelo tora!!!!!!!!

  4. Εγω ρε γαμώτο, το θέλω με ελληνικούς υπότιλους να το πασάρω σε φίλους , να μάθουν τι θα πεί Whedon (:P)