WhedonWatch: Much Ado About Nothing


One of my favourite stories from the TV industry is the idea for Illyria coming from a Shakespeare reading at Joss’ house. Are these readings a regular occurrence?
Joss’ wife built the most amazing house in the world, they have this amphitheatre in the backyard. The readings used to be a lot more common during Angel, like once a month. (The 'Angel' group was really into it, Alexis [Denisof], J [August Richards] and all those guys really loved doing it). We did one that I was a part of during Dollhouse, we did 'Hamlet'. Olivia [Williams] was amazing; it’s always so fun to see these people you associate with their characters doing the Shakespeare reading. A while ago, one of the first ones was 'Midsummer [Night’s Dream]', I was Helena, which I’ve always wanted to play. I’m not going to say there isn’t champagne and wine, its like a casual party, there just happens to be Shakespeare.

(από συνέντευξη της Amy Acker)


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