Doctor Who: The Steven Moffat era

Στα γυρίσματα του Time Crash. (Από το περιοδικό Wired.)

RTD era

3x10 Blink

4x09 Silence in the Library
4x10 Forest of the Dead

Series 5

5x01 The Eleventh Hour
5x02 The Beast Below
5x03 Victory of the Daleks
5x04 The Time of Angels
5x05 Flesh and Stone
5x06 Vampires of Venice
5x07 Amy's Choice
5x08 The Hungry Earth
5x09 Cold Blood
5x10 Vincent and the Doctor
5x11 The Lodger
5x12 The Pandorica Opens
5x13 The Big Bang

Christmas 2010: A Christmas Carol

Series 6

6x01 The Impossible Astronaut
6x02 Day of the Moon
6x03 The Curse of the Black Spot
6x04 The Doctor's Wife
6x05/06 Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
6x07 A Good Man Goes to War
6x08 Let's Kill Hitler
6x09 Night Terrors
6x10 The Girl Who Waited
6x11 The God Complex
6x12 Closing Time
6x13 The Wedding of River Song

Christmas 2011: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Series 7

7x00 Pond Life
7x01 Victory of the Daleks


1: O Eleven στο Sarah Jane Chronicles
2: Time Crash
3: Time & Space
4: Instant reaction στην ανακοίνωση του Moffat για showrunner


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